Saturday, October 19, 2013

LC1 Core Item Updater: A Red Laughter/DCUO Story

                A man sits in the dark. He is very scared for he doesn’t remember how he got here.  He hears a small metallic sound as if metal hit stone. He looks about in the dark and then focuses on the two glowing circles that were floating in the air. “Hello?” he nervously calls out.
                Laughter with a metallic edge floated towards him. “Hello he says. Well hello, John” the female voice tuned the man’s blood cold.
                “Red, is that you? You ok?” John was afraid.
                “Yes, John, I am fine. And I won’t hurt you…..much.”  He hears a stifled laugh. “I want something, John. I want my things back. Please tell me that Robearto is fine. Please tell me you still have him.” He could hear her giggle a bit. “Or I will have to make you pay for him. Where is Robearto?”
                John swallows. Red loved that bear. And he didn’t know what had happened to Red the night those Aliens came and took her and the others. But it’s been hard living since she was gone. The apartment they shared had been hit hard by the invasion.  He had left in a hurry leaving everything behind. He didn’t know what had happened to her or his stuff that he had left behind. His life has been hard ever since. “I don’t have it. During the invasion I left in a hurry leaving everything behind.”
                A light turned on over him. It was harsh compared to the utter darkness he had been in. Then something soft flew out of the darkness beyond the pool light and hit him in the head. He looked at it where it landed. It was Robearto. “Oh, you found it. That’s good.” He held his breathe.
                “Yes. Yes I did. Poor Robearto was all alone. Robearto didn’t like being left alone. He wants you to know that you were a bad man for leaving him.” Her laughter wafted in again.
                “Red is no more, John. Red Laughter is here to right the wrongs done to poor Robearto.” John’s eyes widen as Red Laughter stepped into the light. Her mechanical eyes glowed red. The patchwork of woman and machine smiled as his fear became even more evident. “Yes, John. You left me and Robearto. And Robearto says you need to be punished. “ Red Laughter’s palm starts to glow. “And I am going to punish you….” She laughed with inappropriate joy at the prospect of his pain.

                He screamed for hours, before he died. 

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