Sunday, October 20, 2013

Literary Challenge 2

     So lets start off by going over the three stories I submitted.
     First up is Core Item Updater. This story revolves around my villain from DC Universe Online. In DCUO you create a character with a certain set of powers, a fighting style and a movement ability. In the case of Red Laughter, she is following Lex Luther, which makes her a meta human. Meta humans derive their powers by the virtue of their DNA. Red's power structure is based on gadgets. So this means she makes high tech stuff to do her things. I took this to mean that she has re-engineered her body with technology. She is a cyborg. Her fighting style relies on blasters. So she has blasters built into her hands. Her travel power is based on acrobatic maneuvers. So she has uploaded programs to get moving and dodging and climbing based on physics. She also has developed some gadgets to attained gliding and also rocket boosted gliding. Have decided that all of the body modification has taken it's toll on her mind. So she is a wee bit psychotic. I tried to present this psychotic portion of this personality with out revealing to much about her powers, to make her seem more monstrous. I hoped that it worked.
      Next is Danic's Prized Possession. This is a story centering around Vice Admiral Danic, a Vulcan Science Officer and Starship Captain. I found writing this story easier because of my familiarity with military life and the the Star Trek media. Vulcan's are not emotionless, but they do try to hide it. And I thought that a major turning point in his career would warrant a memento. Crew members would also rotate on ships, and I saw no reason that it would be any different in the future. And I think the meeting of the captain would be a standard thing to do in the Federation's friendly future methods. I used a Ferengi female as the foil because it allowed for the type of reaction I wanted with no animosity to be perceived. I think this was the better of the three submitted stories for it.
      Finally we have Valued Peace. A story set in Pandaria about my hunter character, It gives an insight into what drives Airholen to wonder so far abroad. And to take animals as friends over other humanoids. He seeks natural peace and a connection to this new world that his people have crashed on. And a farm is going start for this. I hope people liked this story, but it was the hardest one for me to write.
     So what do you guys think of the stories? Let me know.
     So for Literary Challenge 2 the story will be about where these characters feel the most home at. Where do they relax and chill and unwind after a hard day of work. The same three will be up again for their stories. So enjoy and hope to hear from you all.

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