Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     First off I would like to apologize for this long delay on a blog. I have been under the weather lately so was not up to par on my writing skills. Not wanting to put out something bad, I just did nothing and recovered. So now on to my characters.

Airholen the Explorer     I have strictly just ran Scenarios and Dungeons to build up Valor to upgrade my gear. I have one more upgrade to do then I will return to the Timeless Isle to search for the signet to get my last ring. Of course I have to get a Burden before I make the ring. Once I have this upgraded all the way, the next plan will be to finish off the extra quests in my quest log and then maybe go pet collecting with him. Will have to see.

Brewmaster Asmodea     Been running Scenarios, Dungeons and Throne of Thunder Raids to get Valor and gear so that I can get into SoO Raids. Once I max out her gear it will be on to maxing Living Steel so that the Jewelcrafting Mounts can be made. I did finally max out her Herbalism skill. So I will be working on her farm to get it maxed out to get all the Golden Lotus's that I need to get all of the jobs done.

Strayleaf of the Nightfall     She has been dusted off now and working on getting through the Horde story line. She is still in Jade Forest but has reached Level 86 now. Will continue to work on her level and Herbalism skill. Her Inscription skill needs work too but will probably not worked on much initially. Not sure yet. Strayleaf, just for those who don't know, is a Tauren Paladin Protection and Holy spec'ed. Primarily run Protection so working on my tanking skills a lot.

Vice Admiral Zombee     Been working on rep grinds. Got Dyson Sphere up to Tier 2 already. Working towards 3. Romulan is almost at Tier 4. Nukara and Omega are closing the gap on Tier 4. The new Rep system is so much better. I will have to go over it more in Science News and Views.

Blue Adept, The Ghost Whisperer     Just so that you know, Blue Adept is a magic wielder superheros from the Champions Online MMO. Blue Adept is Level 20 out of a Max of 60. I have been trying to get him further along so that I can go back and Solo some of the older content more readily. But leveling has been difficult. My style of mage is not very defensive, but does some massive damage through casting times and some healing capabilities. There have been so many changes in the game since I last played him that I had to spend a lot of time just figuring out what those changes meant to me and my play style. It's these changes that has made things a little more difficult for me right now. But he is getting somewhere. I have cleared out a lot of content. Just reaching points where I need another player or few more levels to compete the goal. Champions Online is a modern era game so I will probably start doing a Modern News and Views soon.

     That was all of the Characters I played this past week. Looks busier than it actually was. Airholen and Asmodea only take maybe 1 hour between them and Strayleaf gets the most play there. Blue Adept I played one evening and Zombee got played most nights for about 30 minutes or so. Though not at all over the weekend.

Tune in next time for Fantasy News and Views. Until then, Enjoy!

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