Saturday, November 9, 2013

LC 2 Quiet Time

                Airholen walked out onto the porch of Sunsong Ranch. Breathing in the country air and stretching. This was the place for him to relax. Sitting down on the bottom step, he watched the animals go about their business. The chickens darted about, scratching at the dirt. The pigs wallow in the pond. The cat is stalking the chickens. The dog is barking at the yak that’s calmly chewing its cud.
                Pantera quietly strolled over to Airholen and lay down. Airholen absently strokes his soft fur as he takes in the scenery. Farmer Yoon had gifted this farm to him in repayment for the help to get him on the Tiller Council in Halfhill. Farmer Yoon also helped him with getting the farm up and growing vegetables. Airholen then uses those veggies to make various soups and dishes that he has learned from the Ironpaw family.

                “This is the life, Pantera. Enjoy, for we go to take on Garrosh soon. And there will not be time to rest during that campaign.” Airholen scratches his head one more time and leans back and looks up at the sky.

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