Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fantasy News and Views 5

World of Warcraft
      So Warlords of Draenor news keep rolling out. I am going to touch on a couple bits of news that I saw being discussed on the forums and on twitter.
      Flying has taken quite a bit of space on the forums. The big issue is that there will be no flying till Patch 6.1 comes. Everytime that a new reagions have been opened up, we have always had to wait till we reach max level to get flying. This change forces people to stay on the ground far longer. I think this is a bad idea. Once reaching max level, I want to be able to fly so that I can do end content that I want. I want that freedom. Forcing me to have to ground pound everywhere is just poor designing on thier part. If they want to force people to come at things on the ground there are better design options for it. Amongst those options are putting the encounter under a roof, forceing demounting when you go under that roof, place trash mobs closer to the quest point so that you get mauled by sheer numbers, add cover so that you can't see the target till you get low where the mobs can hit you off the mount. These are just a few ideas, more are possible I am sure.
      Another thing I see being discussed alot is the Trials of the Gladiator. A new PVP ladder that is not replacing the old ladder. But you can only climb up in it at certain times of the day. You also will be getting your gear for practicaly nothing. This is an effort to make the Gladiators to be all about skill and not gear. The time is meant to concetrate players to create quicker queues. All this really means is that pro-type players, or kids not in school, will get to play this consistantly. The rest will be hit or miss at best. And the only reason to do this is to gain titles and mounts. In the end, it's really geared for elitist types more so than the casual player. Not saying that it's a bad thing. Just saying that it won't be as highly used as Arenas are. But I do see the potential to harm Arenas queues during the Gladiator uptimes as more of the hard core PVPers have a go at the gladiator titles. It could hurt PVP a little in this regard but I don't think that it will kill PVP Arenas.

    That's what I have time for right now. Tune in next time for more news and Enjoy!

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