Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen The Explorer
      So over the past two weeks he has picked up the last of tier peices that he needs to get the four peice bonus. He has also finally killed the High Preist of Ordos and completed all of the LFR runs for SoO. He also picked up all of the BIS gear from the Raids and combined burdens with timeless tokens on all the other peices except the rings. I need to pick up both rings and two burdens to upgrade them. I now have only 5 more Rares to kill on Timeless Isle to get that acheivement. I also have gotten the Honored level with Shaohao and bought the trinket that teleports you back to the Isle. Airholen will continue to rep grind, try to kill the missing Rares, and collect coins to buy burdens for the day I finally get the signet tokens to get my rings.

VAdm Zombee
     I have completed the featured mission to get the new Obelisk Carrier. Working towards getting all of the Reps to 5 by Nov 12 but I don't think I will get there in time.

VAdm Danic
     They have opened up past featured runs so that you can pick of the special gear from those missions. I have picked up both the Breen and Reman BOFF as well as the Shard and the Ophidian Cane. Zombee got all of these when it was current. But the rest of my guys didn't get that option. Danic has also gotten the Obelisk Carrier. They are also awarding Lobi Crystals for running certain missions. I plan to continue doing this with all characters, but Danic has done the most with this.

VAdm Grell
     Grell has finally picked up the Breen BOFF, already had the Reman officer. He has also picked up the Obelisk Carrier. I will need to go back and rerun the featuered mission to pick up the other peice of unique gear so that they can be fully decked out.

     I haven't done anything else, but Sisteric is due to run the feature to get the Carrier and Asmodea needs to start getting more time since Airholen is nearly finished. Until next time, have fun and enjoy!

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