Saturday, November 16, 2013

LC3 Laughter Matters

                Red laughter focused her eyes on the warehouse. Her mechanical eyes auto-adjusted the lighting and zoomed to make seeing the details easier.  The team of LexCorp Security waited behind her as she assessed the situation.  Lex has forced her to take the normal with her. She wasn’t a team player, really. She liked doing things alone.
                “Alright, there are a couple of thugs out front. Surround the place and wait for my signal.”
                “What’s the signal?” asked the team lead.
                Red smiled and softly giggled. “I think you will know.” Red then suddenly grabs hold of the building they were hiding behind and climbed the wall without effort. The Security spread out in a military efficiency. She took a running leap at the edge, spread her arms and extended her gliding wings. She glides over top of the thugs and then folded her arms in. She dropped like a rock. She landed in a three point stance on a thug. The purple clad criminal was never going to get back up. Meanwhile the other thug was busy picking himself up from the shockwave.  Red laughed once again and swung her arms around to the guy, two beams of energy later and thug two was down.
                She stands up and saunters over to the door and knocks. And someone tried to stick their head out, but she pulled them the rest of the way out and down on the ground. A security guy stuck a gun to his head and he quit struggling. Smiling, Red walked into the warehouse looks around. The open area was filled with stolen LexCorp goods. The reason they had come was laid out before them.
                Red Laughter motioned for the team to split and encircle the inside space. Meanwhile she walked out into the middle of the space hoping to call out the rest of the gang. It seems that the three were the only ones here as no other opposition appeared.

                “I think we’re good. Call in the trucks.” Red leaps into the air, activates her gliding wings and her rocket booster and flies up to the rafters to watch the rest of the operations. The Teal Lead called in the trucks and the security loaded the stuff. A few looked at her in disgust. She just smiled back as she watches. Once loaded, they left. She climbs to the roof and leaps once more using her rockets and glider mode and flew back to LexCorp to give Lex the good news.

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