Thursday, November 7, 2013

Science News and Views 3

Star Trek Online:              So Season 8: The Sphere is being released on November 12th. The changes that will be present are good changes I think. There will be new Space and Ground adventure areas, New Rep, New changes to rep and a new fleet building. All of these things are cool. But the most important thing to me is the Rep changes.
                Rep will get a coin that you can buy at max tier in the rep. Then you give this coin to your Alts and it permanently doubles all rep grains for that alt. Also the new Rep doesn’t require you to purchase all these various pieces to add to the mission to gain the Rep points. In fact, the new rep only requires marks and EC to get it. And certain missions will get a certain token to do the high end mission. This is a great idea and hopefully they will apply it to all of the reps.

                Again, STO is the only Science Fiction game I played, so nothing else to add. Have fun and catch you later.

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