Monday, November 18, 2013

Literary Challange 4

   So LC3 was supposed to be about taking command. I did three stories so lets go over them.

      So the first story was Laughter Matters. This is a Red Laughter story about her in charge of  a LexCorp Security Team sent in to recover stolen goods from a local gang. More of her nature is present and some of her fighting style is presented. I don't really have a good feel for her command style yet and so I took a minimalist approach.

      Second story was Danic Takes Command. This covers Vice Admiral Danic (Then Lieutenant Commander) taking command of the second ship he was in command. It also covers a little more about how he deals with adversity, but also what the people he had under his command were like. And how he relied on their skills to get things done for him. He has some stereo-typical Vulcan attitudes but you can see that he also doesn't completely conform to your average Vulcan attitudes towards non-Vulcans. I found it very easy to write this one because Danic is a character that I relate to very well.

      The third story was Guild Leadership. It was meant to be a view into how Airholen became the new Guild Leader. What it really became was a window look into the chaotic time that ended up throwing my character into that role. It's more on an imagine process that a real event, just so that I can give a frame of reference for the character.

      So in the end the three stories covered leadership, but not in the same way. Danic's was about how to deal with conflict with in a new command, Airholen's covered having it thrust upon you, and Red Laughter's was more about how to avoid being in charge while being in charge.

      Next weeks Literary Challenge will be about a challenge they had to over come while they were learning their chosen profession. Be it skills at shooting bows, passing a test or just trying to get along with others. Not sure where to go with Red Laughter, Danic will be some personal interaction dealing with emotions in Starfleet Academy, and Airholen will probably do something with learning to tame animals or such. What will you write about? Join in. And I will see you next time, Enjoy!

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