Thursday, November 14, 2013

Science News and Views 4

Star Trek Online
     Season 8: The Sphere as arrived. And Man is it different from the usual fare. Lots of changes and a whole new way to play at max level. So lets go over the points one by one.
     Adventure Zone:  There is a space zones that you roam around and try to fight off Voth forces to control key strategic points. Gettting these points means fighting Voth forces, exploring the map and unlocking missions to complete to earn rewards. DO well enough and you unlock an Event that will give greater rewards if you complete it. There is no quest givers, you just go about and do what you want. No queueing up for anything. No grouping up for anything either. It's all about doing what you want and helping the other players that are there too. I have to say that this style of play is very fun, rewarding and probably will be my primary focus after Rep grinding is done.
    Rep System changes: Rep system has a new feature in that you can buy a token to double your alts rep gain. Also the new rep just takes EC. No more buying of X units Y item. Just Marks, Expertise and EC. This so streamlines the process that it's actually worth the effort to keep playing after you set up the rep mission because it completes in an hour so that you can just do it again. SO if you can be on for more than hour you can make great strides i your rep. These changes are good and I hope they get filtered to the existing reps.
     Battlegrounds: The ground version of the Adventure zone. You and two of your BOff's go roaming accross the maps trying to take control and win awards. Once you have taken enough of the maps an event triggers and you have a limited amount of time to complete it to earn the final reward and reset the map. Again it's just cool to roam around and do things your way at your pace with others present. I see a bright future for this style of content for STO in the future.
     New Queued evets: They are still making new PVE STF's missions to run. Again you and 5 others try to complete some mission objectives. You are rewarded on how well you did. Also very run so for.
     Spire Outpost Fleet Holding: Another thing for the Fleets to grind up and make pretty. Again new ships, gear and duty officers. I haven't checked my fleets out yet but the one they show online looks cool.
      Federation Tutorial Revamp: The revamp has you starting out in the acadamy with a 'best friend", much like the Romulan Tovan Khev BOFF. But supposedly this character can be dismissed unlike Tovan Khev.
      All this and new Ships, lock boxes and duty officers. Even some new Duty Officer Missions. All good things and building towards a very good game, I think.

      That's all I have for this segment. Enjoy and Have Fun!

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