Sunday, November 10, 2013

Literary Challange 3

  Hi all, I hope that Blizzcon was fun for you who went. From what I saw online it looked like fun. So on to the post.

     LC 2 was about the characters favorite place to get away from it all.  I will be going over the three submitted stories. The first one was submitted two weeks ago so you will need to backtrack to it if you haven't read it or don't remember it.

    First up is Danic's Haven. VAdm Danic gets found by his first officer in his preferred meditation spot. Vulcan's have to meditate every so often to maintain their composure. And Danic finds a place and does what he can to keep it a secret. But Duty Calls and his First Officer has to get him. This story allowed me to introduce Derip, the first Officer, and the kind of personality he has. So even though the story is about Danic's hiding spot, it's really about Derip as a person. Hopefully the read is good and Derip is liked for who he is.

     Next was Hall of Laughter. This covers Red Laughter's hideout. But it goes more into what motivates her and why this place is such a retreat for her. Nothing new to note except maybe a few tidbits on her life before the "change". It was easier for me to write this story than the last one for her was.

     And last but not least is Quiet Time. Airholen is still on the farm relaxing. This is very short because I had covered this mostly in the first story. Nothing really new to add.

   So I hope you guys enjoyed those stories. Next Week's challenge is about Leadership. This will be to right about the character in a leadership role. For STO it should be about when they took command of a ship. Airholen will get a Guild Leader story, since he is a guild leader. And Red Laughter will probably get something to do with leading some of Lex's Minions on a mission. Not quite sure yet for her. But Leadership will show alot about a person character and personality. And how well they deal with stress. Hopefully this will show more insight into each of the characters personality and thought processes. And I hope you all will enjoy them.

   Until Tuesday, have fun!

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