Saturday, November 16, 2013

LC3 Danic Takes Command

                Stardate 89070.02 USS Researcher
                Lieutenant Commander Danic walked into the conference room was the Senior Staff was waiting for him. This was the first time he has taken command off a ship he had never served on before. The Quaser Class Science Vessel was a far cry from the Centaur Class Light Cruiser he just transferred from.  He was able to keep Lieutenant R’shee has his first officer, Lieutenant Nire as his Chief Science Officer and Lieutenant Thon D’vov has his Chief Engineer from the USS Discovery. He didn’t know what other officers would be left from the previous command, if any. It made logical sense that the previous captain would take every officer that he could with him to the next posting, just like he did.
                The four officers stood as he walked into the small side room. So only one remained, he thought to himself.  As he made his way to the head of the table, he took the opportunity to look over the new officer. He seemed to be human. Or one of the few races that have no external differences from humans. His uniform was the standard black and blue of the sciences division. He also had Lieutenant’s pips at his collar.
                “Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Have a seat and let’s get started.” Danic takes his seat.  “First order of business, I need to assign out the positions. R’shee, your my only tactical officer. As such, You will have to head up the Security and Tactical Departments as well as be my First Officer. Thon, as the only engineering officer, you will take command of engineering and operations. As for the science departments, I defer to you two, Nire and, uh, your name please?”
                “Lieutenant Sug Shaaliz, sir!” came his eager response.
                “You two tell me who is suited best for what. I know your credentials, Nire. What about you Lt. Shaaliz.”
                A frown crossed Lt. Shaaliz face. “I have been in command since Captain White’s departure two weeks ago. I was brought up from the medical staff as the highest ranking officer at the time.” He let the air gain some poignancy before continuing. “I had expected to either be confirmed at my post or be made First. “ He swallowed and said no more.
                Ah, emotions again. Danic feigned a sigh, to help relieve the man’s tension.  It didn't work. “Captain, I mean no disrespect. But the crew knows me. And they don’t know you.”
                “That’s enough, Lieutenant. It’s Tradition that the new ship’s Captain bring officers from his previous command to make up his new senior staff.  As Captain White took what officers with him that Starfleet allowed, so too did I. “
                “Now, Lieutenant R’shee has been by my side since I took over at my last command. I have come to value her insight into the crew and tactical situations. Lieutenant Nire and Lieutenant Thon D’vov both have been assigned to me as time went by. They came recommended by their previous Captains as deserving of the chance they received under my command. I had requested officers to fill gaps in my staff. You, according to Captain White, need that chance too. But you’re not quite ready for the rigors of his new command. I agreed to take you on as a member of my staff.  To give that chance to prove yourself and to get the experience you need. Do well, and you may captain a ship one day.”
                “So Lieutenant, you have to make a choice. Put aside your pride and learn from us. Or, you can hold onto your opinions and I will find another. Decide now, because I need officers to run this ship efficiently.” Danic steepled his fingers as he leaned back in his seat. He watches the emotions fleet across the betazoids face go from shock to realization, then to comprehension and then finally a decision.
                “As a, uh, Doctor…I think it best that I take charge of the medical department., if Lieutenant Nire doesn’t mind helping me. Assuming you will still have me, Captain. “ Lieutenant Shaaliz looked hopefully at Danic. Obviously worried his earlier transgression killed his chances at command.
                Danic looked at his quiet officers. R’shee smiled in her relaxed position watching it all play out. She had looked over the staff records before we took command. She had ‘advised’ him of this reaction. R’shee just lowered her Andorian antennae in acceptance of Sug.
                Danic looks to Nire. “I have no issue with this. The choice is yours.”  Danic has learned that this bookish Trill always picked her words with care to convey meaning but was said, what was not.  Nire neither said yes or no. She could not find justification to support either answer and therefore took no position at all.
                Danic looked at Thon. As calm as R’shee was, Thon was aggressive. But he did not have the skill to fit as well as her. And it took every bit of the Andorian male’s willpower to keep from interfering in this display of ambition. Thon was great with machines, but terrible with people. Makes him a great engineer but will hold him back from being captain. Thon’s distaste for Sug was clear in his scowl and bearing.
                “Very well, your provisional appointment as Chief Medical Officer will begin as of now. If you don’t work out, I will promote another more suitable candidate. Now, on to further business, Thon, I need you to access the ship and its stores. I want that report in 6 hours. Nire show Shaaliz what I expect for a report on the medical departments. And R’shee, draw up some schedules to test the battle readiness of the crew and this ship. We will reconvene in 6 hours here, any questions?”
                “No? Then you all know what to do, dismissed.”
He watched the relieved Sug head out the door followed closely by Nire. Thon stomped after them. R’shee lingered till the door closed and then turned to Danic.
                “I think he will toe the line.  Did you know that he is a Betazoid?”
                “Then you must bury your emotions real deep. I watched him and he had no hint of how you felt about him. Either that, or he is very unskilled.”
                “R’shee, I am a Vulcan. Of course my emotions are buried deep under logic.It is the Vulcan way, as you put it.”
                R’shee laughed and left.


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