Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekly Character Updates

Airholen the Explorer
           Ran Ordos and Celestials. Gained gold. Did nothing else cause I have to many others to do.

Brewmaster Asmodea
          Ran Ordos, Celestials, and Wings 1 and 3 of Siege of Ogrimmar. Gained no useful pieces so made gold out of it. Also did a couple things with the farm and worked on raising the Tiller reps.

Ambassador Strayleaf
           Ran Celestials and got only gold. Didn't really do anything else because of Star Trek Online.

Vice Admiral Zombee
           Star Trek Online is having their 4th Anniversary Celebration. So if you log in every day and run this one mission you will get a ship as reward after 15 times. Zombee has run it enough times to get 4 days knocked out. Collected all three of the special Tier 12 purple ship gear, and two of the Dyson Environmental Suites out of three. Zombee has also advanced Nukara Rep to IV. And the rest of the reps are being ground out to level V. Should be another 20 some odd days.

Vice Admiral Danic
            Ran the special missions so fay to have only 11 days to go for the ship. Got two of the three Ship Gear and Enviromental Suites.

Brigadier General Sisteric
          Ran the same missions and is now 10 days away from the ship. Got all three pieces of the Ship gear and have two suites.

Admiral Grell
          Ran the missions too. Only 10 days more to go. Have all three Ship Pieces and Suites. Now have to find the Lobi Vendor and upgrade the suites to the enhanced version.

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