Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly Character Update

   Sorry about the lateness of this update. I have been sick and so not up to writing. But I am feeling better now and ready to write.
    Before we get into the characters, I have been having some thoughts on my gaming time in WOW and what I want to do there. And I have decided on a plan. I am going to gear out only the characters that I am having fun playing. The ones not geared will still do the Ordos, Celestials and Timeless Isle runs but I will rarely take them into the raids except for one time in LFR. I want to get more of my characters to 90 before Draenor drops. I also am going to have one main in Horde and Alliance. Alliance will be Airholen, but the Horde I have yet to find. Well, onto the updates now.

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran Ordos and Celestials, still only getting gold. This really and truly sucks since I am still using the coins to get extra rolls. Such a waste of effort and purely only supports my desire for a more progressive gearing options than random drops.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Ran Ordos, Celestials, First and Third wings of Siege of Ogrimmar and still no loot. Also worked on cooking and Tillers Rep but have yet to open the fourth plot or buy the farm. Getting close though. I have not been getting enough Lesser coins to get the rerolls for Siege so haven't been getting my second roll.

Ambassador Strayleaf
     As my only Horde toon at 90, she will be the focus for the Horde efforts till I get another Horde ranked up. But I don't plan to rank another Horde toon till all of the alliance toons are at 90. Even so, I do not have fun running her, both tanking and healing are just not intuitive to me. So I will be doing Ordos and Celestials for now with her as a healer till I get all the healing and Tanking gear. Then I will try to get through one sequence of the LFR Siege and then stop worring about her gear. I will finish up her Herbalism and Inscriptions skills and finish off the Tiller rep for farm plots. And then she will be a farmer for me as I look into what other Horde character will be my main. I have sneaking suspicion that my orc hunter will be that character as I have so much fun with Hunter's. But Strayleaf will be just there to keep everybody in glyph's.

Dreadwind of the Nightfall
       This is my Draenei Death Knight. In one night I got him from 85 to 86 and had so much fun I didn't realize that I had leveled him. I run him in Blood Spec. So this guy is going to see more action. He is the next guy I am going to get to 90. This is going to be run. And the skills rotation to me is so intuitive that it's not hard at all. This will be my first true tanking dude for me.

Vice Admiral Zombee
        Tonight I will complete the 4th Anniversary rep grind and get the reward ship for him. I also have completed Tier V of the Dyson Sphere Rep too. So only 3 more reps to complete and his grinding days are over. At least till the next rep comes out. Which means I need to start figuring out what gear I am getting for each ship. I know that I will have to plan this out a bit so it should be interesting. Once I have it sorted out I will probably put it up on here.

Vice Admiral Danic
         Completed the Anniversary grind and got the ship. Made the Dyson Science Destroyer his main ship with the Solonae Space Set in place. But for now he gets parked til Zombee gets all of the reps done. I think he will be the one I do after Zombee for rep grinds. Should go a lot faster with the double rep points buff and the ability for Zombee to craft gear for the rep grinds.

Lieutenant General Sisteric and Vice Admiral Grell
           Completed the Anniversary grind. got the ship. Parking till his turn to rep grind.

     So that is what I got accomplished on my characters this past week. Hope you liked it and see you soon. Enjoy!

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