Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Character Update

     So I had some internet issues. So my time online was limited to some extent. But here we go with I did do.

Elder Scrolls Online   Made a Argonian Male Nightblade called Airholen. Played for a few hours on way day till the internet issue occurred. I know that I made a few levels and was able to "morph" two of my skills. I had a lot of fun with the game and it was very faithful to the Tamriel lore as I know it. The graphics was very good too.

Airholen the Explorer   Ran Ordos and Celestials. Got nothing but gold.

Vice Admiral Zombee   Gathered all of the Space sets and all of the Environmental Suites. Got the Paladin set for him from the Lobi Store. Continued to work on the Special Event and now 7 days away from the prize. Also, Cryptic handed out a free shuttle and lobi for one character per account this past weekend and I was able to gather this up to on him. Still working on all of the reps. But at least they are all at Level IV now.

Vice Admiral Danic      Have all of the space set, so just worked on the event. 7 more days to go to completion.

Lieutenant General Sisteric     Got the space set. Working on the event, have 8 days to go.

Vice Admiral Grell        Have the space set. Bought the Sentinel Environmental Suite. Have 7 days to go on the event.

     Like I said earlier, I didn't have a lot of time due to connectivity issues. Everything has been cleared up this week. So next week will be better for me and my characters. So see you next time and Enjoy!

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