Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

World of Warcraft
      $60 to get a Level 90. Really? This is too much for me, so I will never be buying a level 90. But that price point will make sure that the world will not be flooded by large number of newbie 90's that don't have a clue on how to play those characters. So this will be good.
       Not a lot of new information has come out about Warlords yet. So this is short and sweet this week.

Elder Scrolls Online
     So a new round of Weekend Beta has been announced. This time, you not only get to join in but you can invite one more person to come join you. I have the Beta invite, and no one interested to join me in ESO so I will be going it alone again. I will report more on what I encounter in the game this time again.

Neverwinter Online
     Expansion 3 is under construction and centers on making the PVP experience better. With the adding of an anti-burst damage stat on gear to more clearly separating the differences between PVP and PVE gear. They are also working on the matchmaking for PVP too. Having had played the PVP in the game a few times, I do like the general idea of what they are doing, but I don't like the idea of diverging gear into PVP and PVE. The thing that I did like about Neverwinter PVP was the fact that Gear was same across all play types. Nothing bothers me more than the fact that I have to maintain for different places to play. It's not very good design to require gear based on anything other that class and skill selection. I am disappointed in this driving effort in all MMO's to have different gear for PVP and PVE. The rest of what they are doing is just the effort to balance the PVP experience to be more fun for everyone. And this is a good plan. But I will wait and see exactly how this plays out.

    So that's it for this week. So go out there and Enjoy!

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