Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran Ordos and Celestials and got only gold. Poor Airholen, I may never get him all geared before the next expansion comes out. This is the very reason why I want to change the gearing progression from random drops to the buying process that PVP has, by gaining resources from doing the content to buy the pieces you want/need.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Ran, Ordos, Celestials, Wing 1 and Wing 3 of Siege and got one piece of gear that was lesser than what I currently have. SO again, no progress made. And this really does bite. I hate this gearing to no effect. Waiting for a drop to "grace" me with that which I want. I really wish this random model of raid gear would go away. On the bright side, Asmodea has bought the farm and opened the last four plots. So now I have to plan out the farming effort.

Ambassador Strayleaf
     Ran Ordos and Celestials and got only gold. Rinse and repeat previous statements of dislike of random gearing.

Dreadwind of the Nightfall
     Played partially one day. Got close to level 87 but not there yet. Still having fun with Blood spec. Yay!

Admiral Zombee
     Completed New Romulan and Task Force Omega Tier 5 reputations. Played the scenario at the end of the New Romulan rep and that now makes more sense why I am treated so well in the Season 8 and 8.5 Featured Events scenarios. And explains why they suddenly had an Iconian Gateway to work with. Still another 5 days till Nukara Strikeforce is completed, at least. While working on the reps, I also have been trying to get the space set from the Dyson Rep for the USS Fry and started on the Reman Prototype space set for the USS Curren, I have the complete list of what sets I am putting on what ships, but I will add it in another post.

    Those were the only characters I touched upon this past week. I am elated that the grinding is drawing to a close for Admiral Zombee and Admiral Danic will be the next one I work on. But for now, Enjoy!

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