Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

World of Warcraft
     New artwork for the new zones and for the Garrisons have come out. I like what I see here. The zones look good and just alien enough to say that they are not Azeroth. And also just familiar enough to say that they are Outlands. I look forward to seeing more art for the zones.
     The Garrison artwork is less impressive to me. It came along with the information that there is a Alliance and a Horde version. The garrisons will not be racial in style. I see this is a bad direction to head. The different phases of there buildings though are good.
Elder Scrolls Online
     So I played the Beta last weekend. I found it very involving storywise. It was hard to get used to the keybind selections and playstyle use of abilities. The crafting in the game was difficult for me to do. Not intuitive at all as far as I am concerned. And it was hard to know what I needed. I did like how the voice acting changed based on what race I was. So as I talked to Argonians as an Argonian was better and more distinct than when I saw Dark Elves talking to the same NPC. The only real thing I thought was hard was when I ran inside caves that required a reload that it was still a shared experience with others. Which I felt it took away from the mood the setting was trying to set. It should have been instanced off. Other than that, the combat experience is not as easy as it should have been. I hard a hard time figuring out when I should do one type of attack over another. And the key placement was not easy for me to work with.
      All in all, I think ESO is going in the right direction and will be a fine addition to MMO's and to the Elder Scrolls line.

That's what I have reviewed this week in fantasy. Enjoy!

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