Friday, February 28, 2014

Science News and Views

Star Trek Online
      So several things have been happening in STO. The Community Manager position had a change. Branflakes moved on to a Comunity Team Lead and Capt. Smirk became the new Community Manager. Smirk was just a Podcaster before this and so not a Cryptic employee.
      Each faction got three versions of the Dyson Science Destroyer. Each one comes with a unique console that can be combined together with the secondary deflector dish for new 4 piece console set. These are all surrounding protonic energy weapons and anti-Voth abilities. These ships can be bought on the C-Store with Zen points.
      New ship material has been released for free for both Federation and Klingon ships. For people who need a new look this is good for them. I have never been upset with my choices so far.
      They have announced that they have revamped the Galaxy class ships and updated the animations and added consoles to the. They also have added a Fleet version of the ship to so the Galaxy Dreadnought has finally been brought in line with all other dreadnoughts. The community has been complaining about this ship for some time and now it's has been done. This just shows that they do listen to the community work to address the issues that is getting vocal recognition. Until I try playing the ship I will not say if the these changes are significant enough or not,
      They have also announced that more personal storage and bank space has been given for free. not only that, but they have also expand the number of additional purchase slots from 4 to 12. This is close to a 100 additional slots in the bank and 40 slots in personal storage. This is a very necessary upgrade because of the changes to ship loadouts.
      Ship loadouts has been implemented. Loadouts is a system implemented to save ship setups of gear, BOFF's and tray setups. Every ship got 2 for free and you can purchase more from the C-store (I Think) so that you can add more loadout options on a per ship basis. These loadout will place the parts into your personal storage everytime you switch loadouts. And that's why they had to increase the storage space for each character.

     So this is the all I had for now for Science News and Views. Until next time, Enjoy!

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