Thursday, January 30, 2014

Science News and Views

            Star Trek Online has reached it's 4th Year Anniversary. They have an In Game event going on to celebrate this. You can ultimately get a Voth Hybrid Science Destroyer at the end of it. Q is throwing the party and you have to do daily's with him to get the qmendations to complete the rep quest and get the Ship. You also get to collect ship pieces that are part of a 4piece set. They also have Enviromental Suites you can get too. Collect all three suits and you can trade it in with 50 Lobi and get an enhanced version. Two such enhanced sets exist.
           Along with the Celebrations came Season 8.5. In it we get the ability to swap out your ships when in non-instanced locations. You also can now swap out your ship gear with the gear on other ships and your bank. I love this addition because it makes it so much easier to get a new ship and outfit it with what you have. No more searching around for where you might have stashed it away.
           They also upped the number of ships you can have to 50. This is a 20 ship increase. I am no where near this cap. But I can see where people could be reaching this cap. But this is all quality of life changes.
            The celebration also sees the fixing of several bugs and broken abilities. They also updated some of the content, removed a fed mission, and added a new PVP shuttle arena. But one of the biggest changes is the removal of the hourly events. They are going to be turned in to weekend events or dailies. Mostly weekend. I do know that Tour the Galaxy was turned into a daily event. This means I may very well start doing the Tour. Never have done this race because I am not usually on during the hour it's active. It's a great source of EC's.
           All of this is live now. And I haven't had a chance to run any of it yet. Hopefully I will get a chance tonight and enjoy this new arrangement. I hope you guys will enjoy the changes too. I will see you later and Enjoy!

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