Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
      The effort to expand my gear is still ongoing. Got one more piece. Had to run some of the random scenarios and dungeons to get the valor needed to do the upgrading. Generally don't do anything else with him at this time.

Brewmaster Asmodea
      Worked on getting the BiS gear. Got PVP gear but not PVE. Attempted to run Silvershard Mines, but didn't get my win yet. Also worked on raising cooking and Tiller's rep. Have three plots open now. I am not very good in PVP so I see this as my bottle neck for all of my characters to get the legendary cloak.

Ambassador Stayleaf
       Worked on cooking. Ran Ordos and Celestials as Healer and gained my warforged helm. Raised my Tiller's rep and cooking skill. Hoping to get more gear soon. I am going to stay healer for now to get all geared up and then pick of protection stuff while healing, I think. I like healing better than tanking so far. even though my gear iLevel is lower as a healer.

Vice Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus
        So worked on raising my reps. By the next time I report here Nukara and Dyson Sphere reps should have leveled. It's working for very well just to work one character in STO.

       This is my DIablo III character. I haven't played it quite a while so decided to dust it off and try it out again. Zombis is a Witch Doctor and is Level 47. I am currently running through Nightmare stage of Act III. Just finished off the the Breach stage and so getting ready to go rescue Leah. I remember why I liked playing this game more than why I stopped at this point. SO maybe the latest changes are enough to get me back into it.

Blue Adept, Ghosat Whisperer
        With WoW servers being down on one night. I fired this game up to try to progress some more. I do like this game a lot (Champions Online) but gearing options, stats and recent changes made it difficult for me to clearly define how to play the game for me. I am working on figuring it all out. But as it is, I am just a healing superhero with no team to keep alive. Which makes it real hard to fight sometimes.

         I clearly had a little more time on my hand as Wow gearing is not engaging me as much as it used to. And it's the lack of gearing progress that has me not trying to close out old quest content that I have in my queue. Maybe I should just take one night with Airholen and just clear out all of the old quest that I can. Should be boring but it's to clear the space in preperation for WOD.
        That's all for now. Thank you for reading and Enjoy!

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