Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

     So I know that I haven't done this a while but I am not going to backtrack and cover everything. What I will do is cover some of what I consider as the more Notable news to me.

World of Warcraft
        PVP Season 15 will come out before Warlords does. This potentially means that Warlords will come out in 26 to 32 weeks from now. So look for it around June, July or August.I predict more likely in August or September.
        Blizzard has changed their phone support to a callback system. You put in a request at the Battle.Net website and Blizzard GM will call you back to help. This is supposed to streamline the experience and not leave you hanging on hold all that time. I think that this is an interesting support shift. Potentially good, but I don't know how well it will work in practice.
        Hearthstone completely revamped it's ranked play. They are now set in 25 ranks, 3 stars per rank to advance or drop. This ranking system is also set up in seasons. Season 1 has already happened and Season 2 starts today. I like this new ranking system and the seasons gives you a feel that you can reach the top every season if you play well enough.
       Diablo 3 next expansion is in closed Beta. Reports are that the gameplay experience is greatly improved. I am not in the Beta so don't know.

       The released a new expansion. This expansion included a class, Ranger. Rangers are my favorite class in table top. So once I have time to go back to Neverwinter I will make a new Ranger and try it out.

   So that is the News that I have read over the past couple of weeks. See you all later and Enjoy!

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