Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

World of Warcraft
         WOW has released news models for Human females. These updated models make them way more realistic looking and pleasant to look at. I am now looking forward to Asmodea's update.
          My alliance realm, Alleria was supposed to get combined with Khadgar this past week. But a tweet came out that it was going to happen now. I wonder why?
         There was a special event running over the past weekend. It was a new dungeon. I haven't done anything more with this game recently so I have been keeping up with it.

          OPEN BETA is here. Cards are pretty much set to what they are going to be. With only minor tweaks to happen from here on out. The new season is still in play and now that the upper end players have risen up, I am occasionally trying to advance. But this game is starting to be less fun and more frustrating than a card game should be. So I may not do much more with this game in the future.

That is what I have for now. I haven't really paid the news much attention so I will be sure and review next week and try to bring better stuff next time. Until then, Enjoy!

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