Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year and the return of the Weekly Character Update

    Hi everyone! I have been so busy this past month that it takes me going to work to be able to blog. But here we are 2014 and a whole new year starting. Today will be the Character Updates for the past couple of weeks. I hope to keep this up from now on. Now, on to the report....

Airholen the Explorer
      I have been reworking the gearing of all of my characters. With the advent of random group Ordos and Celestials, I have now worked towards gearing with the gear I can get from that. So far, I am 9 pieces completed on this path. Otherwise, I have done little else with this character. As I am trying to get other characters gearing and leveled.

Brewmaster Asmodea
      Gearing in the same flavor as Airholen. Have completed 6 pieces so far.
      I also am working on the Dark Prince's quest line. I am at the point where I need to reach Revered Status and collect 3000 Valor. I have collected 2000 Valor so far. So I expect to get the both done this week as I am over 10K out of 12K in rep with Wrathion. I hope to get her Legendary Cape by the end of Feburary.

Ambassador Strayleaf
      She has reached level 89! and only a couple million points away from 90. I have been running her strictly as Protection. Tanking is a very different play style in WoW and I look forward to gearing her up. I will go about it the same way as I am with Airholen and Asmodea. I also have been raising her Cooking skill and now have been doing the Pandaren cooking ways now. Fishing has also been leveled a bit because of all of this and the herbalism skill has been leveled. Inscriptions has not been worked on as yet. But that will be changed once 90 is reached. I also just need to reach level 90 to complete what I need to do to get flying and my flying serpent. I figure that by the end of January I will be 90, gearing up and working on the legendary quest line for her. I also will have started to tank SoO and hopefully not be too bad. I also have Holy specced on this character and am not sure if I need go healing in Raids primarily. I am unsure as of this moment I will have to get a feel for things first.

       I haven't played any other games this break besides some Hearthstone and a little bit of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I hope everyone liked the progress that I have made and look forward to see any new comments. Tomorrow should be another posting about the fantasy genre and the news surrounding it. Until then, Enjoy!

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