Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

       Some sad news, at least to me, Epic Questions Podcast and The Hunting Party Podcast have decided to stop making episodes. Both have gone through some recent host line-up but all have decided to call it quits. Epic Questions is going to reboot themselves as Frozen Nerdz, and they are retooled to be a more general gaming podcast than a WOW-centric podcast. I listened to the first Frozen Nerdz already, but have yet to decide to continue with it or not. I have not listened to the last episodes of The Hunting Party yet. This was the only Hunter-oriented podcast that I could find. It is a sad thing to see it go. Specially after reaching 200 episodes, so I am not sure where I am going to go to get my hunter news fix.

         WOW has released a graphic talking the numbers involving the game since Azeroth first opened it's doors to us. It's pretty interesting, but nothing really outstanding for players.

         So otherwise, WoW did not announce anything groundbreaking in the past week. Lots of people are starting to do more speculating about the release of the Beta for WoD. But Blizzard has yet to announce anything.

         More Sad News, SOE is closing down some of there MMO's. Chief amongst them to me is Wizardry Online. I liked this game. And it had a permadeath feature built into it. And it was Free to Play. But in June, Wizardry will be closing it's door for good. Nothing specific has been announced as why this is happening, just that they want to focus themselves more. DCUO will remain up, so they my characters there will go on. SOE is also creating an master account system. The Master Account will grant you access to all of there MMO's for the same monthly fee. So you pay your $15 and that membership allows access to all of their games, and veterans rewards that is applied to all of the games you play of theirs. While this is a good Idea. I probably will not be dropping any coin on it because there is only one game theirs I am interested in for now. When EQ Next and Landmark comes out, that might change. But we will see.

       That's all for now. I hope you found something interesting amongst my musing. See you later and Enjoy!

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