Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly Character Updates

Airholen the Explorer
     So, Tortos finally was kind and dropped the Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow, This is THE weapon for a Beast Master Hunter. SO I have it all decked out with all the mods and upgrades that I can stuff onto the thing. Now I just need to get the Quakestompers from Tortos and the Legendary Cloak. My efforts to complete the Celestial Challenge has so far been an EPIC failure. No real good way to complete this has showed itself to me as yet.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Making her way through the quests. She is now 36% of the way from 89 to 90. This has only been slow going because I just haven't dedicated much time to her.

Airholen of Balder's Gate
      He is now level 38. I have joined the Ruins of Judge Guild. I also did two runs at PVP and did very well. I even had a lot of fun. So I think I will be trying to do it more.

Blue Adept
      I have been trying to finish up the lower level missions this guys has. I have completed all of the level 13 and 14's and working on the level 15 quests. This effort has leveled my guy up to level 19. I am having fun with this so I probably will need to look up some more about this game and find a supergroup for him.

Grell, Zombee, Danic and Sisteric
      Grell got some new ships and continued the Storyline. All of them are working on the Reps to get the better things that are out there. Otherwise there just isn't much to write about them.

      So that's what I did this past week in MMO's. I also played some XCOM. I have been trying to stream it on Twitch TV under the name of ZombeeDan. Come watch me play.

      I have also suffered a loss on my computer. My desktop computer's motherboard has died. I now am doing things on laptops, and working on building a new system. Hopefully, I will get a new updated technology put into the system to allow me to do more than what I have been doing. 

      Tune in next time to find out what next I have to write about.

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