Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
      The Titan Runestone quest has been completed. Took the Twelve back to Wrathion. He ATE it. He had some visions and then told me go meet him at each of the Celestial's. So I met him at each of them. He had his little convo with them and each gave a blessing. But finally, at Yu-Lon, I have to complete a challenge. Beat up Wrathion while he is blind folded. Not as easy as it seems. He has area effect spells and adds that he summon. And those adds are killers. I have yet to beat him. Otherwise, I have upgraded all of the gear that I am keeping. Tortos hates me and hands out only gold to me. Two rolls and nothing but gold. Tortos is the only boss that has stuff I need to get now. And he holds two things I need still, the Quakestompers and the Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow.

Brewmaster Asmodea
      So Asmodea is now level 88. I got her iLevel up to 410. but she is not progressing much because of my efforts on Airholen the Explorer. Still, though, progress is being slowly made.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
       Still level 35. I have only been working on his professions through the Gateway. I haven't had much opportunity to play him recently.

Grell, Zombee, and Sisteric
        Grell and Sisteric are at 72% complete towards getting the ships. Zombee is only 68% done. Zombee is behind because I had a computer failure that knocked me offline for the day. I am back on using someone else's computer while I work on getting my system back up and running.

        I have been running Danic through mission to build up Omega rep. I want to get every character all the way through each of the reps. Danic is working on the MACO/Omega reps in the hopes to get the best gear from them and really advance further. I actually have a plan of outfitting each of their best ships with one of the top tier gear from each of the reps. With the Idea of having each ship available for the runs that work best for their setups. And switching between the ship as necessary. In this way I hope to keep all my ships relevant and viable for most any mission I may wish to do. The other reps are Nukara and Romulan. There are also the fleet top tier gear and ships so they are part of the mix too. But my plan is to out the Tier 5 with the rep stuff and the lower Tier ships use the fleet gear. But that may change if it's too hard to get the fleet gear.

Tune in next time to see what else I may have to say about WOW, Neverwinter and STO.

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