Monday, July 29, 2013

PTR 5.4 and Rogues

      So I am going to give my Hunter treatment to Rogues since I am leveling Asmodea.

       Dodge now increased by 100%, instead of 50%. This will increase our survivability, Combat should really like this since we are supposed to be able to be good head to head.

       Deals 10% less damage. This sucks for me. It's my second most used finishing move. It doing less damage may well mean I have to switch moves. I have yet to run the numbers on this to make the point valid, but I think that it will slow my dps a bit. This I think is more a move to lessen it's effectiveness in PVP than in PVE.

        Restores 4% of maximum health every 3 seconds instead of 3%. So now we may well have a good reason to use the recuperate finishing move as it will give us a significant amount health back without making it OP.

Sinister Strike
         Deals 190% of weapon damage for 50 Energy, up from 145% weapon damage for 40 Energy. Not a bad trade off. It will make it harder to get this off alot, but it will up the DPS.

        Assassin Rogues will only get daggers for automatically assigned loot situations. This means that Assassin's will only get Daggers from LFR and Scenarios. It will also apply to Bonus Rolls and Scenarios. End result is that Assassin's will gear faster because they will only get the weapons that they can use for their spec abilities. Good for the Assassin's but doesn't impact anyone else.

        Combat Rogues get this new ability at level 32, It's a passive ability that will give you a a combo point after a finishing move is used. This is at 20% per combo point used on the finishing move. Since I only use my finishing moves at 5 dots, this means I get a free combo point every time. Allows us to keep the DPS up and use the finishing moves more often.

Killing Spree
         Hits only the target 7 times unless you have Blade Flurry active. Works normally if Blade Flurry is active. I hate this. I use this only when I have multiple targets around. It's fun to watch me jump around when using this ability. I don't think this change is necessary.

         Now does 315% weapon damage, up from 275%. This will make the initial burst damage good. And can give better overall damage to the Subtle Rogues in raids and Dungeons if they have good tanks. It's a good start to make these guys viable again.

        Deals 160% weapon damage instead of 140%. Also, it does 232% with a dagger instead of 203%. Again some nice mid fight burst damage to get these guys up into the charts during a raid or dungeon.

Burst of Speed
         Reduced Energy cost in half. Now 15 Energy. This is good, increases the survival of the rogue with this talent. And makes it more attractive as an option.

Cheat Death
         Damage Reduction is 85% instead of 80%. Always nice to have this increased, but will really mean more in PVP than PVE with this small of a change.

Cloak and Dagger
         Now can use Ambush, Garrote and Cheap Shot from 40 yards. So now I don't need to get as close to use these moves, but again it's more for PVP than PVE.

          Increased damage dealt by abilities whiled stealthed by 50%, up from 25%. This one is made for PVE. This initial burst damage so helps the soloist player that it might warrent a talent change for me. This is also good for PVP initial burst. This is one of those rare good for both realms of play without actually being OP.

Paralytic Poison
         Now stuns the target after 4 applications instead of 5. Big Deal. Not used in PVE generally. In PVP this might be an issue because it's one less application, but with all the ways that poisons can be removed from players now, I don't think it's that big of deal. Now if this was moved down to 3 applications it would be a real threat in PVP. Still not a big deal in PVE.

         Cooldown is now 20 seconds instead of 24 seconds. This helps the backstabbers alot, more so in PVP than PVE, but it's still a good move for PVE too. I use this Talent, and having it available more often is good. Helps Subtle Rogues the most.

Glyph of Adrenaline Rush
          This is now a baseline ability. Most Rogues had this Glyph so this seems like a good move.

Glyph of Redirect
           Redirect no longer has a cooldown. Replaces Glyph of Adrenaline Rush. This will probably be what every Rogue will have too. We shall see.

Glyph of Blind
           Removes DOT's that will break Blind. If you have Dirty Tricks Talent then Poison and Bleed effects will not be removed nor break Blind. This gets a little more selective and probably will be a Assassin Rogues favored glyph.

Glyph of Crippling Poison
           Removed. Replaced by Glyph of Sharpened Knives. Never used it.

Glyph of Sharpened Knives
           Causes Fan of Knives to also damage the armor, applying 1 application of Weakened Armor effect. Nice, but I don't think I will be chasing this glyph down. It doesn't do enough I think for PVE. It may be more useful in PVP but I am not sure.

Glyph of Debilitation
            Replaced with Glyph of Recovery. Didn't have have it, didn't try to get it.

Glyph of Recovery
            Increased healing while Recuperate is active. Nice if the healers target you. Not useful for Soloists.

Glyph of Recuperate
            An additional 1% to the Recuperate rate. Up from .5%. Also a good thing. Gives us an even better chance to survive an attacker in PVP. And helps soloists to keep their health up.

Glyph of Sap
           Replaced by Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins. Probably wasn't get much use. I wasn't using it.

Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins
           Causes Sanguinary Veins ability to damage done to Targets affected by Hemorrhage. Helps Subtle Rogues output damage, but not useful for Assassin or Combat Rogues.

Glyph of Shiv
           Reduces Shiv cooldown by 3 seconds instead of 2. Nice, but 5 seconds would have been nicer. Still, it will help increase damage, more so for Assassin's than any other spec.

Glyph of Improved Distraction
           Summons a decoy at the target location. Will give the distractee a little more time to sneak by if that is his goal.

Glyph of the Headhunter
          You now throw axes instead of knives. A visual change for those that care about. Probably will be gotten by Trolls and Dwarves for roleplaying purposes.

The above is purely my opinions. Please review them in that light. Enjoy your game. And tune in next time to see what I have to write about next.

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