Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
            So started on the new Rep, Species 8472 Counter Command. Made it to Rank 1 already and working on rank 2. Also ran the new FE, Surface Tension, enough times to pick up all of the awards. SO will not be running it any more. Also working on the last bit of the Romulan Rep Space set for the USS Curren, the captains yacht. After that, I will just max out the Undine Rep and then park him till the next special event comes out. Also have finished every Storyline mission for him. Including the remastered Undine vs Borg Story Arc. The game will not let me run the new starter missions for the Feds so that is the only series that I cannot run on this character.

Vice Admiral Danic
            Continued to run up the reps for all of the current reps but the Undine. The Undine Rep will be worked on once Vice Admiral Zombee can buy the commendation and hand it over to him. I also have run the FE once and plan on running it three times to get all of the rewards. I also have completed all of the missions that I have built up on the character as well as the remastered Undine/Borg Story Arc. Danic will continue the Rep grinds, but with being Tier IV on all of old ones, it won't be long till he reaches max level and gets parked.

Lieuntenant General Sisteric, Lieutenant General Torc and Vice Admiral Grell
            These guys have played through the FE once and then have been parked as I get the Rep Grinds and missions completed on a one by one basis. Once Danic is done, Grell will be next, then Sisteric and then back to Torc. Once I have Torc done is when I will make a new character. A new Rommie will be next. Probably make a Reman Tactical officer next.

               As a thing that is being planed for my characters, All tactical captains will have the latest Rep gear. My engineers will be themed towards a particular foe and tanking. And my Sci Captains will be more medical mode and probably Fleet geared. But I will make more choices as I get all of the captains created.

       Well that will be it for now. Till next time, Enjoy!

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