Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Lieutenant General Torc
     So I got him to Level 50. Yay!!! and picked up several more ships and veteran rewards. But I am only part way through the Cardassian storyline. So I will continue to finish the story line for him when I can. But with Season 9 now released, I don't think I will have that time for a bit. Even so, I will be doing the new content with this before Lieutenant Sisteric will for the KDF.

Vice Admiral Danic
     I ran through the Nimbus story arc for this character after Torc had reached maxed level. Now he has to complete the missions gained from the reps. Then Season 9 came out and now I have to do the new "remastered" missions for the Borg and Undine with all of the characters. I did nothing else because I have not played this guy since Season 9 went live.

Vice Admiral Zombee
      So Season 9 came out. I logged in with this. First thing I had to do was adjust the default video settings. Then I had to select all of my Species and Rep traits. And then I went off and did the the new FE. And it was AWESOME. The timeline has been advanced. Space battles over Earth and Qo'nos. Ground Combat on ESD. And all against the Undine. With a special appearance of some alien race at the end. Lots of plot holes filled while new mysteries were opened up. And, as a Fed point of view, this was very well written. I am going to do this on Torc, for the Klingon version, and on Grell for the Romulan version to see how the dialog changes. Also started the new Undine rep on this character and ran an Undine STF for the purpose of getting the marks to start the mission. Was nice that I only needed to run the mission ONCE to start the rep projects. Can't wait to have the time to do this for all of the characters.

      So that is what I did with my characters this week. I hope you are having fun and liked the progress. Enjoy!

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