Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
      Once again tried to get gear from Ordos and The Celestials. Once again I got only gold. And this really is why I am losing desire to play WOW. No control over my own gearing and destiny in the game. I am totally at the whim of some random number generator. This isn't fun. This isn't even interesting. It is only frustrating and disheartening. Take RNG out of Gearing is the only way to solve this. But they cling to this antiquated system for reason that defy any logic that I can see.

Dreadwind of the Nightfall
      Decided to try and get him leveled up. By Airholen's situation has me so disenfranchised with the game that I just couldn't stay on task. So I quit playing him after only an hour. Still not 88 yet.

Vice Admiral Zombee, Vice Admiral Danic, Vice Admiral Grell, and Lieutenant General Sisteric
      Did the last of the Founders Day and Mirror Events. No new events till next weekend. So I am parking them till Season 9 releases and puts in the new Reputation System.

Commander Torc
       Torc had made it to level 21. He is a Commander now. My BOff's positions are all filled out and DOff's are doing work as I continue through the story line with him. Most of his BOff's are actually Klingon's, with one Nausicaan and one Gorn. The First Officer is a purple guy, so now my efforts are to get more purples and replace first the green's and then the blues.
       The Klingon Story Arc that they created for starting Klingons was very fun and embroils you in Klingon Politics and traditions. It gives you a grounding in Klingon Culture basics and connects you to why you are working for the empire. They did a very good job on this, as I have seen so far.

    SO that's my character activities for the week. I hope you all had fun too. Enjoy!

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