Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Character Update

        STO Characters all did the Academy Event this past weekend. They each got the special DOff. Then Vice Admiral Zombee, Vice Admiral Grell, and Captain Torc all did the scanning events to collect the particles to get the purple DOff's.

        Captain Torc is now level 30 and picked up his Android BOff. I let my eldest daughter design this BOff's appearance and called it Emm Daa Saa, and Engineering Bridge Officer. Off to Nimbus now. With the double XP, I am going to Get Torc Leveled fast and then work on the left over missions on all of the current maxed out characters. If I get all of that done before April 22, then I will start on my second Rom Republic character.

    So that's what I have done so far. Off to the next week and you all Enjoy!

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