Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Character Updates

         I am sorry folks but I did not play any WOW this past week. I have only had eyes for STO and the special event that has been going there. All of my characters have completed the 14 turn ins to get the big reward for the special Mirror event and now just trying to get all of the bonus marks and dilithium from the event. Upcoming is the special event centering on Founder's Day for the Federation. More on that later. I have also started on a new character in STO, Lieutenant Torc is level 5 right now. He is an Alien (Avalonian) in the KDF and part of the science branch. This is the first KDF guy I have made since they revamped the starting levels for KDF characters. After this guy is leveled I suspect I will do a Romulan Republic Tactical Officer and then come back to my Final Federation character then. We will see how it goes.
         I am looking to carve out some time to write up my thoughts on the data released for the coming expansions for the games that I do play, so we will see. But to you all, Enjoy!

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