Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
          So I have now reached Tier III in Counter Command Reputation system. I also took stock of all ships and BOff's in his command and figured out exactly what ship he will be using for each reputation. I switched him back over to the USS Hesse, an Odyssey Class Star Cruiser. It's turns slowly but it mounts a lot of weapons and has strong shields and hull. But eventually I will gear up the USS Soyk, a Ambassador Class Support Cruiser Retrofit with Counter Command gear and fly it instead. It too is slow to turn with heavy shielding and hull plating. And she carries 4 weapons fore and 4 weapons aft. The most of any any ship I have.

Vice Admiral Danic
          He has Tier V on all reps but Counter Command now. Once Zombee maxes out Counter Command, then I will get the Counter Command Commendation and work on level it to Tier V. Finished all the FE runs needed to get all of the rewards. Did the same review of ships and crews for Danic and found out that I am flying the best ship he has, the USS Searcher, a Solonae Class Dyson Science Destroyer. And most of his gear is already optimized to be used with the Solonae Hybrid Space Set. So not much change for him. He currently is parked till Zombee gets Counter Command Rep done.

Vice Admiral Grell
          Ran around on him finishing off all mission that needed to be completed. Completed all remastered missions as well. I have been working on the reps that I can get commendations for and have gotten to tier II or III on them at this time. Also did the same review of ships and crew and discovered that I have him in his best ship already, the RRW Chula. It's an Ha'apax Class Advanced Warbird. I am working on gearing it with what Counter Command gear I can get from doing the Reputation Projects. He has also completed two runs through the new FE and so only needs to do two more.

        No other characters were run this past week. But I am looking at changing my blog site a little bit. Instead of the WOW Character and STO Character tabs, I am going to give each character their own tab with pics from the game and more bio information. I may even try and link any stories that I have written for them too. I also plan on keeping the Home tab being where I continue to do my updates and news columns. SO don't be surprise to see changes. Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

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