Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
        He now has his own page on this site. Currently, Zombee is still working towards Tier IV for Counter-Command. I am also still collecting gear together to make the USS Soyk the new Flagship for his personal fleet. But until I can actually build up a lot of Counter-Command Marks, I just won't be able to upgrade the core ship components.

Vice Admiral Danic
       Danic also has his own page. I have started building up Counter-Command Marks to be ready for when Zombee is finished. But with the USS Searcher being the flagship, I need to actually work on building up the Dyson Joint Command Marks to complete fleshing out the Searcher and her crew.

Vice Admiral Grell
       Grell has his own page too. I have worked towards getting the old rep systems maxed out. I am currently at Tier IV for all groups but the Dyson, still Tier III, and Counter-Command at Tier 0. I continue to gather marks for all the reps, including the Undine Marks. I also make ran the FE all the times necessary to get all of the rewards from it. Once this guy reaches Tier V, he will get parked in favor of moving on to either Sisteric or Torc. Probably Sisteric.

        There is an upcoming event on STO to replay some of the old FE's and get the special rewards and Lobi. Torc need to run these missions for sure, and I think Sisteric needs a couple of them too. Zombee, Danic and Grell already have all of these missions special rewards. I will not have time to get the three other planned characters made and leveled in time for this event so they will have to wait for when this rolls around again.
         That's all for now. Untill next time, Enjoy!

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