Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
       Still progressing towards Tier V of Counter Command rep. Have gotten all kinds of good weapons for the USS Soyk but the core pieces are still needed to be bought.

Vice Admiral Danic
       Stopped working on getting marks in favor of spending more time on getting Lobi with other characters. 

Vice Admiral Grell
        Continued working on the reps. Raised Nukara Strikeforce to Tier V, while Task Force Omega, New Romulus and Dyson Joint Command are at Tier IV. Grell already had all of the special gear that you can get from the Featured Episode Replay, So I only did what was needed to get the rep system moving and moved on to Lieutenant General Torc.

Lieutenant General Torc
        Since he is the only character that did not have the bonus items from the FE replay, I played the missions needed to get the missing items. I also had to play more of the storyline to get to the stage that allows the picking up of the Breen Tactical BOff. But he has them all now. Now that all of the awards are on this guy, he will get parked again in favor of running Grell through everything to get his Reps and the bonus Lobi.

     I have been making headway in placing my character info on seperate web pages, with Grell, Danic and Zombee done. Sisteric information has been created into my template, but some adjustments are in progress and then the page will be published and then Torc's page will be crafted. After the last STO guy will come the WOW characters and then maybe Neverwinter. Then I'll either do the Champions or the DCUO characters and finish up with the DIablo III characters. If I start to seriously play any other MMO, I will then add them.

     Next week I will not be updating anything on the website. I will be going on my first vacation in three years. I hope every one will have fun while I am gone and Enjoy the start of Summer!

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