Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekly Character Update

     Hi all. I am back from vacation. Had a lot of fun on the beach and on the cruise ship. I did get back in enough time to play some. So now for what I did in Star Trek Online....

Vice Admiral Zombee
      Still haven't gotten to Tier V in Counter Command. But I was able to run a lot of shuttle events during the special event and got a lot of marks for the all reps. I also finally switched the flag over to the USS Soyk. The weapons are about as good as I can get it. I also have gotten better gear on the ship but not the best yet. I have yet to fly the USS Soyk into battle so once I do that I will start adjusting what I can do.

Vice Admiral Grell
       Completed all Tier V in reps except for Counter Command. So now is parked and waiting till the Risa Summer Event.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
        Completed all of the storyline missions and other missions gained from completing some of the rep tiers already. I have him parked too now till the Risa Summer Event.

Lieutenant General Torc
         Completed the story line missions. Now started on the rep grind. Got to Tier I on first four reps. Like normal not doing Counter Command till Zombee is done.

      So the Risa Summer Event is going to happen soon. In it, you will still be able to get the Risian Corvette, but now you can get the luxury cruiser too. I will try to get every one one of those units. As well as floaters and the new hover surfboards to go touring around on Risa with. But I still don't think I will be getting them swim suits. But I might finally design an off duty outfit for them. Not sure yet.
       That's it for now. Not a lot done but enough to keep me busy. Hopefully I will get Torc added to the Character Pages and then look to update everyone to the currently load outs and setups. Next step is to start on the pages for the WOW characters. SO until next time, Enjoy!

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