Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
                Got Tier V in Counter Command. Risian Summer Event is going on and it has a new Ship to get. So I am doing the daily to collect the pearls needed to get the new Luxury Cruiser.  

Vice Admiral Danic
                Started working on Counter Command Reputation. Got to Tier II. The Luxury Cruiser has a discount for purchasing it once one has it on another character. So I collected the number of Pearls to buy the cruiser once Zombee has bought it first.

Vice Admiral Grell
                Grell did the Risian Summer event to get the Risian Corvette on the discount. Also got enough pearls to purchase the Luxury Cruiser.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
                Ran the events enough times to get what I need to purchase the discounted Luxury Cruiser.

Lieutenant General Torc
                Got to Tier III on the four reps. Collected the pearls to buy the discounted Risian Corvette and saved more for the Risian Luxury Cruiser.

                So I have been able to review my ship selections and determined that my ships are not really always geared to the strengths of my character.  So I reviewed what made Science Ships good Science Ships and made a realization of what I wanted in weapon slots, BOff stations and console slots to make good ships for me. I then applied these filters to my ship list per character and discovered that I need to move some ships around. But I don’t plan to do that till after I have done everything I want done in the Risian Summer Event.  So in July you should see some Ship changes for people.
                I also found a listing of all the stardates and things that my character has done.  I can’t seem to export it so I am manually translating it to an excel spreadsheet. This will set up my overall timeline so that I can write my stories against. I have completed all of Zombee’s in game stardates. Next will be Danic’s timeline. Once I have all of this done, I plan to start back up writing stories based on all of the characters and post them here.

                Mostly, I plan to start posting some more here and expanding my range of postings. Hopefully you all will stick it out with me as I continue this journey and expand my range. Here’s to Enjoying what you do!

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