Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekly Character Update

      And it time again for what my Characters have done in game. Still only playing STO at the moment. But starting to look at getting WoW fired up again.

Vice Admiral Zombee
      Still working on getting the pearls for the new ship. Should be another 13 days before I have it. I also have been running one mission to build up marks for the one that I have the least of. Once Risian Summer Vacation is over, I will start looking at setting up his ship with all the Counter Command gear and work the rest of them on the way down the list.

Vice Admiral Danic
       Got Counter-Command Rep up to Tier III now. Still working towards Tier IV.

Lieutenant General Torc
       Got to Tier IV with Task Force Omega, Nukara Strikeforce, New Romulus, and Dyson Joint Command. Also now have Tier I with Counter-Command.

     I completed transcribing the In game timeline to a Excell spreadsheet for my characters. Funny thing is that the the Stardates they provide puts what my characters currently doing as being in the year of 2415. But I am going to retain the stardates to place my stories in and try to sink up as many of the stories to be the same stardates as I can. That gives me the possibility of syncing up the characters stories and maybe even have them make cameos in each others stories.
     I have started on writing the first stories for each of the characters now. I am finding that it's easier for me to find the voice for my Fed Characters than for my KDF or Romulan characters. I will write more about that process in later blog post.
      SO that is where my characters have been this past week. Enjoy!

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