Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
       Still working on collecting all of the Pearls. 76% done right now towards getting the Luxury Cruiser.

Vice Admiral Danic
       Still working on the Counter-Command Rep and have up to Tier III. Left Risa and went to the Dyson Sphere to do doffing to collect materials and commodities.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
        Started working on all the reps with this. Decided that I can work on all the reps concurrently with all the characters at the same time. Sisteric is Tier 2 with Task Force Omega, Nukara Strikeforce, and New Romulus. He is only Tier I with Dyson Joint Command and 8472 Counter-Command. Also left Risa and went to the Dyson Sphere to run Doff's and get the best ship prepped and geared for use.

Lieutenant General Torc
         Continued leveling reps, including Counter-Command now. Currently Tier V with Task Force Omega and Nukara Strikeforce. He also Tier IV with New Romulus and Dyson Joint Command. Counter-Command has only reached Tier I so far. He also has left Risa and headed to the Dyson Sphere. Doing the same with DOff's and prepping the the right ship.

Vice Admiral Grell
          Started working on the Counter Command rep. Has reached Tier I already. Also left Risa and went to the Dyson Sphere to DOff for materials and commodities. Also trying to get the current ship geared up.

         I have not looked at the new crafting system yet. But the only misgivings I have so for for it is the Dilithium Cost requirement. I would to have one end game content have nothing to do with dilithium for once. But I want to review it for my self before really going on about it.

         SO that is what I have done this week, I hope you are having fun and Enjoy!

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