Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly Character Update

     Hi all. sorry about this delay, but work decided to add to my responsibilities suddenly and I had to concentrate on ramping up for it. Now that I have gotten my self into the routine of things, I am able to come back here and try to do a catch up of a sorts.

Vice Admiral Zombee
      Since the last time I was here, the Summer Event has ended and crafting got a revamp. Because of how Crafting works now, I am funneling all crafting mats to this guy and doing all crafting leveling with him. Currently I have made it to Level 7 in the Beam School. I have also been collecting the dilithium and Marks needed to buy all of the gear from the Counter Command reputations. I have acquired the Deflector Array, Warp Core and Shields for the Counter Command Set. The Impulse Engines are in progress. After the Space Set is completed the Munitions set will be worked towards and then I will move on to the Ground set for him. The USS Sorrick is the flag ship for Zombee. USS Sorrick is a patrol escort. I also have taken to running the Dyson Sphere Space Battle Zone for my Dilithium and Undine Marks gathering efforts. Seems to be way better overall for me as my final reward is much greater overall than what I get from the STF's for Undine marks.

Vice Admiral Danic
      Still working on getting all of the Counter Command Set together. I just can't remember what all I have on this one. Other than the fact that the USS Brandon W, a Risian Corvette, is the one being equipped with this set. I have set his flagship to be the USS Searcher, a Solonae Dyson Science Destroyer. This ship is fully decked with the Solonae Hybrid Space Set and the Protonic Arsenal Space Set. This character made it to Level 5 in the Beam Schools before they nerfed the fact that you can slot more than one research DOff mission in the R&D crafting system. Since then I have not progressed any further in crafting, nor plan to. All of his mats are funneled to Zombee.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
      All reps have been maxed out to Tier V. He has picked up Nelen Exil. The IKS Ebro has one piece of Counter Command Space gear, the Shields. As a command cruiser, the IKS Ebro has proven to be more nimble than most of his previous engineering focused ships, and just as hearty. The Ebro has done better than I expected in all of the STF's have have taken her into and continues to perform is a very good way. The IKS Ebro is an Risian Luxury Cruiser. While it really seems odd that a Gorn would choose to fly a luxury cruiser into battle, it is so far proven itself to be the best choice for him. It is his flagship. Progress is being made on getting more Counter Command parts. This character also got to Level 5 in the Engineering School. Again, this character is filtering all crafting mats to Zombee.

Lieutenant General Torc
       Torc has maxed all of his Reps and picked up Nelen Exil too. The Klingon empire doesn't have much in the way of dedicated science vessels, but the best one he has is the Haj Heavy Bird-of-Prey, IKS D'npang, as his flagship. It has the Counter Command Shields so far. Working on the other parts. I know I got him to Level 5 in an R&D crafting School but I don't remember which one. I think Ground Weapons. I will have better details next week.

Centurian Zemo
    This is my new Romulan Republic character. He is a Reman Tactical officer currently flying a Dhelan Warbird and allied with the KDF. He is too early in his development to have done anything for reps or crafting or pretty much anything else. I am just purely leveling him through the story content and then I will figure out his specifics later.

Vice Admiral Grell
     He has made it to Tier V in all the Reps. The RRW Graz, a Risian Luxury Cruiser, remains as his flagship with very good results even though he lacks cloaking abilities. The RRW Graz also is equipped with the Counter Command shields, impulse engines and warp core. The Deflector is almost complete and then we will get the munitions set and then gather the ground gear. I got him to a level 5 in a crafting school, i think in projectiles, but I don't remember for sure what school.

   I know that I am leaving some details out and so will update that all in next weeks update. I just felt the need to let you guys know some details. Enjoy!

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