Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekly Character Updates

Vice Admiral Zombee
      Crafting in Beams has reached Level 9. Completed getting the Counter-Command Space Set. The USS Sorrick is now working on getting the Counter-Command Munitions set. During the crafting weekend I spent more time running the TF's to get the crafting bonus boxes. But now will return back to the Space Battle Ground. Besides, I think I am having more fun with that battleground than I do with the STF's.

Vice Admiral Danic
      Reached Diplomatic Commendation of Rank 3, Military Commendation Rank 4, Medical Commendation Rank 3, and Colonial Commendation Rank 3. I forgot to find out how far the USS Brandon W is to getting the complete set of Counter-Command Space, but I think I just the one more piece and then I can start on the Counter Command Munitions. Danic will start running the Space Battlegrounds against the Undine too.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
       I have to make a corrections from last week update on this guy, he did NOT get to level 5 in the Engineering School. He got to level 5 in the Ground Weapon School. Other than that, Military Commendations made it to Rank 3 and Colonial Commendation Rank 2. I have the Counter Command Shields and Deflector completed and the Impulse Drives and Warp Core are under construction.

Lieutenant General Torc
        I have correction to made here too. Torc is Level 5 in the Projectiles School. Commendations have changed in in a few fields, Marauding is now Rank 2, Military is now Rank 2, Espionage is now Rank 2, and Colonial is now Rank 2.

SubCommander Zemo
       Zemo progresses in the story content. He has picked up two more ships, and is now flying the IKS Cathex. The IKS Cathex is a SuQob Raptor. And a better Tactical style ship than the Mogai Class Heavy Warbird. I didn't cover previously any bridge Crew changes, but currently Tovan Khev is a Centurian and his First Officer. and his only Very Rare officer. Lieutenant Commander L'Jinei is his Rare female Orion Tactical Officer that is taking on the roles of Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security and KDF Liaison Officer. Centurian Satra is an Uncommon female Romulan Science officer and is his Chief Science Officer. Centurian Veril is an Uncommon female Reman Engineering officer and his Chief Engineer. Centurian Hiven is an Uncommon male Romulan Science Officer and is the Chief Medical Officer. And his latest acquisition is Centurian Rar, an Uncommon female Romulan Engineering Officer that he assigned as his Chief of Operations.Since Zombee has been crafting Mark VI gear, I have transferring over the purple gear over to Zemo to equip his ships with till he starts getting better gear.

Vice Admiral Grell
        First off, I finally replaced the last rare bridge officer. I now have Commander Dopis Berinkla, a Very Rare male Betazoid Engineering Officer and the new Chief of Operations. Commendations have raised in several divisions. Medical is now Rank 2, Colonial is Rank 2 and Recruitment is now Rank 2. \

      So that was the past week in playing MMO's. I hope that you enjoyed the progress and I will see you later.

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