Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
     Finished getting all of the Pearls and got the Risian Luxury Cruiser. It's really a engineering vessel than a tactical vessel so did not bump the top ship. Staying on Risa till the summer event is over to build up pearls for next year.

Vice Admiral Danic
     So Counter Command made it to Tier V. Now working on the components to get the Protonic Arsenal set for his Dyson Science Destroyer. That will fill out that ship as best as I can get it. Then I will move on to the next ship till all of the ships are geared as best as I can get them. I also got the Risian Luxury Cruiser at the reduced price.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
      Advanced to Tier IV in the Task Force Omega, Nukara Strikeforce and New Romulus. Dyson Joint Command and 8472 Counter-Command are now Tier III. He also picked up the the Risian Luxury Cruiser and his now his primary ship. The ship performs very well even though I don't have it fully geared out.

Lieutenant General Torc
      So I attained Tier V for Task Force Omega, Nukara Strikeforce, New Romulus and Dyson Joint Command. *472 Counter-Command is only Tier III. Attained the Risian Luxury Cruiser too. Not a Science vessel so is way down the list for ships to be geared and flown.

Vice Admiral Grell
      Was able to get the Development Commendation up to Rank 3. I was also able to get to Tier III in the 8472 Counter-Command reputation. Got the Risian Luxury Cruiser too and using it as my main vessel. The Luxury Cruiser really is geared for Engineering pretty heavily.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
       So I jumped on this character for little bit because Neverwinter has had two expansions since I was last on. Ran a single dungeon but I was so rusty on how I play the character that I was less than effective. I really should spend more time on this character. But I also looked at some of the changes and except for the adding of relics, I really didn't notice any real changes to the game experience.

      SO that is what I did this last week with my happy little characters. The stories are coming soon for the STO guys. So please hang in there. And Enjoy!

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