Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
     Still just collecting Pearls. I am thinking about running STF's to collect marks just to build them up for when the Summer Event is over and I get back to ship upgrading.

Vice Admiral Danic
     Completed getting the last part for the Protonic Arsenal on the USS Searcher. Switched the Flag over to the USS Brandon W, a Risian Corvette. This ship will be outfitted with Counter Command gear. Currently have two of the four pieces for the Counter Command space set.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
     So worked on the reps and now I can say all of them are Tier IV. I am still working towards Tier V. I am flying the Risian Luxury Cruiser as his flagship. The ship's name is IKS Ebro. This ship will be Counter Command outfitted once I have all of the reps maxed out.

Lieutenant General Torc
     Some of my commendations have been raised. Exploration has gone to rank 1, Colonial has gone to Rank 1 and Development had gotten to rank 2. Also made Counter Command rep to Tier IV. I have also transferred his flag to the IKS D'npang, a Haj class Heavy Bird-of-Prey. This ship will also be a Counter Command setup and geared for taking on the Undine.

Vice Admiral Grell
     Counter Command Reputation is now Tier IV. Also changed the flag over to RRW Graz, a Risian Luxury Cruiser. Again this will be a Counter Command setup once I maxed out the last rep.

     That's all I have had time for in games for now. I plan to at least keep playing STO for now, but I am wanting to expand this list some more. I hope this was interesting enough for you and Enjoy!

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