Monday, October 27, 2014

Character Update

                Hello everyone. I have been very busy. Between work and family I haven’t had much time to write. But I finally found some time and so here is the report.

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                So over the past month, The XP Boost Event ended, Delta Rising was released and the Bonus Lobi and Dilithium Weekend has happened. Once the XP Boost ended I went back to my main Fed character Vice Admiral Zombee and focused on leveling him to 60. Once he is done then Torc will be leveled and then Grell. I will also continue to get all of the Rep gear and try upgrading Zombee’s  space and ground gear. But the amount of Dilithium needed to do this is massive and will greatly delay things.
                The new changes to STO have added a new difficulty structure to queued events. But this difficulty increase is really just a buff to the hp of the NPC’s. This means for most casual players, you will not be effective or generally successful on the content at the lowest difficulty setting. It takes me hours just to complete one mission in the story content because of this buff. And this on a ship that has been upgraded and with the gear that used to make it Elite queue runs take only 15 minutes.  This is a step in the wrong direction.
                And then they shut down one sector of Space because people found a way to efficiently get skill points in a short period of time. Those people that were found using this exploit had their skill points and specialization points taken from them. If you’re going to make the game an incredibly boring grind to get anywhere, expect people to find any means to shorten the grind.
                With all of these changes, I have relegated my time to just running the queued events just to level. And will go back to the story content once I am maxed level and can really effectively fight.  At least with Zombee. I have a feeling that my Eng and Sci Officers will find it easier to play the content than my Tactical Officers. I will know more once I get Zombee leveled and get ready to move on to Torc, a Sci KDF officer.
                I also won the Delta Rising Operations Pack on one of the livestreams. So I have opened and added the appropriate ships, gear, duty officers and bridge officers to people as I play them.

Admiral Zombee
                I have been leveling this character towards 60. I have made it to level 57 as of this writing.  He also gained 3 Intel Bridge officers and one new ship. Also I got to upgrade three ships for free. I can upgrade another ship using a token but I have not done so. But my new best ship for my fed tact is the intel escort ship that I got from the pack. I also have gotten to level 15 with Beams crafting and now working on other crafting paths to get them to 20. Not going to craft anything till I get everything to 20 on 3 paths. Then I will look into crafting. Until then, I am going to work on upgrading on main ships gear to Tier 14 and Legendary Quality. One of these days I am going to back through all of his gear and Bridge Officers and update his info page so that everyone will know exactly where I am at.

Vice Admiral Daniel
                Got him maxed out in level before Delta Rising was released and moved on to my next guy. He is currently parked.

Lieutenant General Kan
                He is my new KDF guy. He is a Liberated Borg Klingon Tactical Officer. And I got him to max level before Delta Rising was released. He is now parked till it’s his turn to run the new leveling content.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Characters
                So the next expansion came out. I logged on to see these changes and got so busy cleaning up the guild bank that I have not even played my guys. At some point I am going to have to do that. Otherwise, the new bag space features are great. And the character models look nice. But I haven’t had the time to do more than look around.

Airholen the Explorer
                Logged on and starting doing maintenance on the guild bank with the new changes.

Champions Online (CO) Characters
                So cryptic did a live stream of CO. As I was watching it, I got the itch to play and so loaded up Blue Adept and took off to try and have some fun. And at first, it sucked like normal. Try to do low level content (Level 15) with a level 21 character means you face level 21 guys to fight. This type of designing hurts solo play greatly. But I tried doing their version of dungeons called Alerts. And this actually was fun and allowed me to actually level the guy. I got him to 23. Blue Adept is a magic based healer so I am not very effective in combat but great at keeping others alive. But once I get this guy to max level I am going to make a more combat oriented guy.

Blue Adept
                I leveled him to 23. The Alerts give bonuses to xp, resources and other rewards so I try and rotate through them to get all of the buffs up. They made some other changes to the game which will require me to look into how that affects me.

Pocket Legends (PL) Characters
                I have been playing this game off and on for year now. And I just recently got back into it. It’s an iPhone MMORPG set in a fantasy world of Anthropomorphic Animals as the characters. Race determines class. In my case I went with a range combat type guy.
                This game auto loads you into a dungeon and then has people try and do the same content it auto joins people with you. This keeps the game fast moving and you see lots of other players all the time. And you can solo the content if you play it right. But it’s always better with others present. And the loot is shared. So no ninjaing occurs. It’s fun this way.

                 He is an Avian Ranger, with Bird-like powers and a bow. I have him up to level 15 now.  I just like doing the missions. They are light hearted fun. And I don’t feel pressured to get better gear. Just to play smart.

                That’s all of the MMO’s that I have played over the past week. I hope something here perked your interest. I had fun figuring out what just to say here. I have rants building up in me about the state of STO and WoW, so I may just have to take the time to do my rant post soon.  Until that time, Enjoy!

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