Monday, November 17, 2014

Character Update

                Hi All! Once again found some time to write. I have a lot to cover so I hope you guys stick it through.

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                So I have been running the queued events a lot. The new Borg queued event is interesting on normal and not completely impossible. Though I haven’t had a run yet in which we killed all three of the final bosses in within the time limit. Best I have done has gotten two down. Still it’s a decent amount of marks, though not much Dilithium. Cryptic though figured out from watching all of this that their award structure wasn’t good and upped them.
                They also brought in the Mirror Invasion Event for three weeks. Collect 14 Multi-Dimensional Transporters and you get a big payout of 50,000 Dilithium, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of your choice and Zefram Cochrane’s Shotgun. Since this is a three week event I hope that I can do this on all of my characters. But as it stands it looks like my main three will get this done and the rest will get real close. After you get the 14 turned it, you can turn the Multi-Dimensional Transporters one at a time for 2000 Dilithium, 50 Fleet Marks and 35 Marks of any type.
                They also had a Junior Officer Weekend event. This is an event in which you go to the Fed of KDF Academies and train cadets. DO the training long enough and you can get a purple Duty Officer (DOFF) out of it. You also get a unique DOFF from the event for just showing up. That just ended this past weekend.
                So that has been the changes of note to the game…now for the Individual efforts.

Admiral Zombee
                So running the queued events is slower advancement. But I have gotten to level 58 now. Beams are still level 15. And I have gotten the ship and gear situation worked out to know what I need to do get him and his ship geared properly. He is flying the Phantom Intel Escort, USS Flinkenger. I have done pretty well with him. But like all escorts, her hull is weak. So I have to do a lot of engineering hull heal powers to keep me going. I am 8 out 14 for the big bonus at this time. I almost have all of the Nukara Space sets built and have started on the ground gear.

Vice Admiral Grell
                I have been running the Mirror Invasion only. I have reached level 53. I am flying the Aelahl Class Light Warbird Battlecruiser, the RRW Itaeru. He has collected 8 of the Multi-Dimensional Transporters so far. The lacks a little fire power because I still have Rare Mark XII gear on this along with the Very Rare Mark XII. But she is slowing getting better gear. Besides doing the Doffing missions and leveling the R&D branches, I do nothing else with him.

Lieutenant General Torc
                Also has only run the Mirror Invasion Event. He has reached level 52. He is flying an upgraded Varanus Class Support Vessel, the old IKS Roturrom. With low number of weapons this old girl has, she isn’t a DPS monster, but what she does do is weather damage very well and closes rifts extremely fast. She has can do some shield healing to others on occasion. This ship does still have some Uncommon Mark XI gear so upgrading this stuff will be of importance, but not till Zombee has done it first. I also have done Doffing and R&D missions.

Vice Admiral Daniel
                Only occasionally run the Mirror Invasion Event. He has reached level 51. I also got him flying the Eclipse Intel Cruiser, the USS Cambrian. With weapons ranging from Mark VII to Mark XI and Consoles ranging from Mark II to Mark XI, this ship is really not in the best setup yet. But she seems good enough to get through the Mirror Event in a good enough manner. She is tough as she is now and very easy to turn. And I can get the stations defenses up very quickly with her. Just need more time to get the gear up to snuff.

Vice Admiral Danic
                Making Mirror Invasion Event runs only. He is also level 51. He also is flying the Scryer Class Intel Science Vessel, the USS Scryer. With mostly Very Rare Mark XII gear, she is a very capable little ship and very durable. It will be interesting to ship how well this ship does in the storyline missions.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
                He is running Mirror Invasion Event only. He has made it level 51. He also is flying the Qib Class Intel Battlecruiser, IKS Aremtha. She mostly has Very Rare Mark XII gear on this beast. She is very maneuverable and tough. Pretty good ship so far.

Lieutenant General Kan
                He is level 51 from running the Mirror Invasion Event so far. He now is flying the Mat’Ha Class Raptor, IKS Hangraw. With most of his gearing be common or uncommon and as low as Mark IV, this ship is still very respectable and hardly ever blows up. I think once I get to this guy and get his ship up to snuff that He will be very formidable.

Vice Admiral Zemo
                I haven’t run him much in the Mirror Invasion Event. He still is only Level 50. But he did get his new ship, a Faeht Class Intel Warbird called RRW Ludelvius. She is a fun ship but with Mark IV gear and up on her she is not quite good as a DPSer yet. But she has been effective in supporting other ships killing things so that’s what I do with her so I follow one other player and help kill his targets.

World of Warcraft and other MMO’s got put on the back burner for many reasons. Chief among them is time and cost. With my work schedule being scaled back my money situation is getting tighter, so things like WoW get cancelled for now. Once my income rises back up, WoW will be fired back up. Until then, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and Champions Online will be my MMO’s with STO being the primary game to be played.

                So that is it for now. I hope this is informative for now and hopefully I will be able to do more in the future, and more often. Until then, Enjoy!

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