Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Character Update

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                Welcome to the new format for these reports. As I expand my play time to other games again, this will make it easier for me and you to read the activities based on the game I was playing at the time. This will include a general paragraph that will be about any plans being applied to these characters as a whole and the timing of any in game events. Hopefully it will eventually contain some news about future writing projects that will be posted based on that game.
                As for STO, the R&D Weekend has ended. All the characters were used to run various crafting projects. And the first Upgrade Weekend ended and so every one of the characters got the freebie pack. Next weekend will be the second Upgrade Weekend. So expect all of the guys to run out and get the freebie pack. Otherwise, I haven’t had time to actually record the specifics on each character for the side bar so I need to sit down and do that, but after the Delta Rising goes live at this point.

Vice Admiral Zombee
                Beam School is 15. I also have 3 new schools leveling. And the Plasma Thrower has been bought and placed on Commander Lameran. He is now working on the Deflector and Shield for the Nukara Strikeforce Space Set. This will be placed on USS Warrick. I have not upgraded any of my gear yet. It requires too much in Dilithium for me to be able to get all the rep gear and upgrade. So I remain focused on getting the rep gear. Once that has been achieved, I will then turn my eye to dil farming and upgrading.

Captain Daniel
                Now rank 32. Also started on R&D projects, and flying a cruiser. I am still focused on just leveling this guy quickly so that I can go on to the Tactical KDF and then a Romulan Republic Science Officer.

Vice Admiral’s Danic, Zemo and Grell, and Lieutenant General’s Sisteric and Torc
                These guys did the R&D projects to level several schools during the R&D Weekend. Now I just park them. They will see activity once all of planned characters get created and leveled.

                I didn’t get into any other games at this time. SO I hope this was informative and you did Enjoy it.

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