Friday, September 26, 2014

Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
         Beam School is now Level 14. USS Schafer now has the Romulan Prototype Space Set completed. Now working on getting the Romulan Plasma based flame thrower weapon. After that it will be to work on the USS Warrick, a Defiant Class Tactical Escort, is next up to get the Nukara Strikeforce Space Set.
         The Bonus Skill Points Event has started. And Zombee gets nothing from it. But they have also started the Upgrade Weekends and so I am going and collecting the free upgrade modules and going to try and upgrade the gear on First Vice Admiral Zombee and the USS Sorrick.

Vice Admiral Danic, Lieutenant General Sisteric, Lieutenant General Torc and Vice Admiral Grell
            These guys have been parked while I work on other projects.

Vice Admiral Zemo
            Zemo has made it to level 50. And now he is parked while I try to level the next Character while the leveling event is going. This will be the trend till I have all of the characters leveled that I want leveled or the event is over. Whichever comes first.

Lieutenant Commander Daniel
             The current new guy being leveled. He is a Human Federation Engineer. He will specialize in the Cruiser style of ships. This will be the first Fed character I have that went through the New Federation Tutorial missions. And the first Fed guy with the freebie purple officer Flores. I has have been making a point of taking the purple BOff's that Zombee has and transferring them to Daniel so that he will just have purple BOff's from the start and never get rid of characters or wast any points. So far it is going well. I will get into this guy more in the next Update Blog, But for now, he is being focused on leveling. Once the event is over I will go back through the max level guys and finish up their story missions so that all are done and then work on getting their reps.

    SO that's what has happened. I hope this was informative, and Enjoy!

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