Monday, September 15, 2014

Character Updates......

Vice Admiral Zombee
      So I have been working on this character quit a bit. Beams School is now Level 13. USS Pamela K is completed as far sets are concerned. But still need to gather Purple Mark XII gear. In Fact, only the USS Sorrick is fully decked in purples. USS Fry, a Defiant class Tactical Escort Refit, is now decked out in Reman Prototype Space set and Romulan Singularity Harness Space Set. And now I am working on getting the USS Schaeffer, a Chimera Heavy Destroyer, the Romulan Singularity Harness Set. She already has the Romulan Prototype Space Set.
      I also came to a decision about BOff's. I decided that I am going to have dedicated Away team BOff's. And to that end, I have bought and started upgrading some new officers. The Standard Away Team composition for me will be the Captain, 2 Tactical Officers, One Engineer and One Science Officer. For Zombee, that means That we have Commander Dricdod, Commander Syilijia, Commander Nelen Exil and Commander Poyol Uyman as his personal Away Team crew.
     Zombee is currently decked completely out in Counter-Command Ground set.
     Nelen Exil is his Voth Science Officer and geared out in Dyson Sphere Ground Gear. Nelen is Male.
     Commander Syilijia is one of his Tactical Officers. She is Rigelian and plans are to deck her out in Omega Force Gear.
     Commander Dricdod is an newly acquired male Ferengi Tactical Officer. He will be decked out in Shattering Harmonics Ground Gear. Dricdod is still very business oriented, but is very efficient at his security duties. As an Away Team member he will be used to do more of the melee stuff and, for story purposes, will be the guy that will observe the goods and resources for use on the ship.
     Commander Poyol Uyman rounds out the crew. He is a Bajoran Engineering Officer. He will be decked out in Refractive Bulwark ground gear. He is a very jumpy guy and very quiet about his past.
      As for events. Completed the Crystalline Entity during the Bonus Marks events. Which netted me some extra Nukara Marks. I also ran the Shuttle event at least once each day to stock up in Romulan Marks. Now with no events occurring for a few days, I will be Running this guy for Rom Marks and then moving on to Nukara Marks.

Vice Admiral Danic
      Danic has been only running the missions to collect Marks during the Crystalline Entity event and during the Shuttle Event. Otherwise, he remains parked waiting for Zombee to complete his set gearing. I haven't worked on the Away Team concept for him either. But a quick glance lets me know that I have to many Science Officers. So I might be just using Science Officers in his away Team. Something to think on when I get to gearing him.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
      Sisteric, and the rest of the guys, have been run much like Danic. Gathering Marks from special events but otherwise parking. Sisteric only has one extra officer, Nelen Exil, the Voth Science Officer.  So that means I would have to get additional guys.

Lieutenant General Torc
      Torc is much like Sisteric. With only Nelen Exil as his extra officer for the Away Team crew. Again will have to look into getting more officers.

Vice Admiral Grell
       Grell is gathering Marks. Grell has two members free for the away team. He Nelen Exil but also has Nen the Breen Tactical Officer free to go.

Vice Admiral Zemo
       Zemo has reached level 35. Still working on leveling him, but with the events I haven't had much time for this. Since he is not max level, I haven't planned out his Away Team yet. But at the end of this week starts a bonus exp event that lasts till the new expansion comes out. So I will be working on getting him leveled during this time, and probably starting on new guys. With Fed Eng, Klingon Tactical and Romulan Science on deck.

   That is what I have done this few week. Hopefully, you will find this informative. I plan on doing some reviews of the recent info that has been coming out. Until I get this all worked out. Enjoy the game and I will be seeing you.

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