Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I don't what I was thinking when I said I would get out stories and stuff this past week. I am sorry, and things will get better. I did have a wonderful time with my Parents, Brother and his family and my own family. Now on to the Characters.

Airholen the Explorer     Finally got my Signet and Burden. Combined and upgraded the piece. Then I also reforged it from expertise to hit. This is all that I can reasonably do for the gear. So now Airholen with try to do the Shaohao daily quest to get that rep up and collect 100K Timeless coins along the way to get the mount. Still have to kill the Emerald Gander, Ironfur Steelhorn, and Urder the Cauterizer rare elites. Also did another step on the Time Orbs quest line. Two more to go and then that will be done.

Brewmaster Asmodea     Valor Capped this past week. Also got enough Valor to get my first piece BiS gear. Upgraded it too. But I can start doing the SoO raids so am trying to get the rest of my BiS gear. Also got most of the the first set of coins for the Legendary Cloak quest. Four more coins to get and then I just get to farm rep for Wrathion.

Strayleaf of the Nightfall     Made level 87 and did some dungeons as a tank. Also have moved further along the quest lines and went from Jade Forest to Valley of the Four Winds and now into Krasarang Wilds. Working on leveling her because Asmodea had Valor Capped.

Blue Adept, Ghost Whisperer    Made Level 21 and gained a new Shield Ability. Still trying to clear out missions. Been fun trying to get him to level up but it's not as easy or straightforward as WoW or STO. Going to look into ways to level better.

Vice Admiral Zombee     Still working on Reps. Dyson Sphere rep is still working towards rank 3. In fact none of the reps have tiered up yet. I still like this new Rep system way more than the previous model. I want to see them move that to all over this new system.

      That is all I played this past week. Tune in tomorrow for the new Fantasy News. Until then, Enjoy!

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